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The awareness of benefits associated with MBBS in India attracts many aspiring doctors abroad. Also, high teaching standards, excellent infrastructure are reasons for MBBS in India. Hebei United University, Wenzhou Medical University are the best universities/Colleges for MBBS. Taking up OMAT examination will be an added advantage for candidates interested in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in India. Taking up OMAT will help students to gain better access to financial support from banks when they get admission to MBBS college in India. This score will help students in gaining fee waivers and scholarships for MBBS colleges in India. Also, this score will help students to gain improved credibility when they apply for MBBS universities in India.

MBBS Colleges in World

Furthermore, students can get the international exposure from MBBS universities in India, which is also worthy. Students, who have completed 17 years of age and those with 50% of marks in PCBE at higher secondary level, are eligible to apply for MBBS college in India. For admission to MBBS colleges in India, students should obtain an eligibility certificate from Medical Council of their country. OMAT test is generally conducted during the month of August every year for candidates interested in best MBBS colleges in India.

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